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Here I am – in the Bed & Breakfast 100 m from our house. We moved in one day early, because it would be much easier for us to move today, on a Sunday, than it would be tomorrow when I’m going to work. Now we’re all going to be living in this one, reasonably sized, though not at all big room for 2 weeks. Ronja fell asleep almost instantly – Frida was singing and moving around until about 9 pm when she finally surrendered.

The camera has been left back in our little yellow house – which is just as well, I guess, since the pictures in it portray a “once-was-a-kitchen” in serious decay. Mads is tearing down the kitchen ceiling this evening, which is not a funny task – he finished removing the many layers of old wall paper earlier, so he’s moving towards the more interesting challenges, like getting rid of the floor. The picture below shows one of the wallpapers that popped out of the walls during the process – isn’t it just gorgeous? Not sure we’ll keep it though… 😉

Old wallpaper in the kitchen

Ronja is making grunting noises and turning over in bed, and I’m thinking of making myself a cup of tea. I’m not even going to explain to you why there’s no sewing going on here – I’ll just let you know, that I had this wild idea about how I could bring my sewing machine and sew when the children were asleep. Well – I just don’t think it’s going to happen, so sorry about that sewing-blog readers. 🙂 Hope you’ll hang in there.

Last weekend we all went to the beach. It was really windy, and frankly not very warm, so the girls were wrapped up in towels most of the time. I went for a wonderful swim in the waves, though – and when Mads brought out a kite, Ronja couldn’t resist unwrapping herself a bit as well. Just thought I would share, now that I don’t have many new pictures to show you.

All cuddled up

Kite flying on the beach

Kite flying on the beach


  1. Jennifer says:

    All the best as you renovate! I know it can be exhausting and sometimes stressful, we’re in the middle of a slow renovation of a 1950s farm house here in Connecticut… enjoy when you can!

  2. Emma says:

    The picture of you and the girls is very sweet I love family time!
    That wall paper is very interesting I bet you don’t want to paint over it.
    Its amazing what you can find, when my Mum did her living room when I was small there was 5 or 6 layers of very different wall paper.

  3. Annette says:

    Sikke et projekt, I har været igennem med det hus – det ser bare helt fantastisk ud! Jeres gamle køkken ser også rigtig hyggeligt ud, men lidt småt, så det bliver da skønt for jer, når det bliver færdigt.
    En rigtig god idé at tage på B&B, mens det værste står på. Selv om det er lidt trangt, og arbejdet kalder, kan det måske også næsten føles lidt ferie-agtigt?
    Jeg elsker at finde gamle tapeter, når man renoverer – jeres køkkentapet er hyggeligt, men jeg ville nok heller ikke vælge at beholde det ;o)

  4. Christina Skarø says:

    Uha— jeg bliver helt forpustet.. sikke retro tapet I har.. Det skal gemmes og på et billede.. Måske man vil blive helt ør af at se på så meget spragl i sit køkken. ???

    Du tager simpelthen så fine billeder Astrid. Ja ikke det med dig og pigerne. Men de er så smukke mange af dem. Kan falde helt i staver, når jeg kigger på din blog. Jeg er pludselig deltager i jeres ferier, jeres hverdag … har vist nævnt det før.. springer videre nu.. C

  5. Lina says:

    Good luck, I’m in the middle of one two so I left with my two cats and my seven month pregnant belly, it’s been a month and my husband stayed at our house supervising so it feels like we are high school sweethearts again, we share lunch and afternoon visits at my moms… no sewing for my either! Taking deep breaths seams to help, well sometimes!

  6. Astrid says:

    Jennifer – thanks! We have had a bit of a break for the past year, only doing smaller projects, so I think we’re up for this one (even if it’s a bit tough while it lasts). Good luck with you project as well! 🙂

    Teri – thanks – I really like this one as well!

    Emma – I’m afraid to say this picture will be documenting the wallpaper – it’s history by now. As you can see in the new pictures, everything is gone by now – getting ready to build back up. 😉

    Annette – det gamle køkken var faktisk hyggeligt – flere venner har nævnt at de synes, vi skulle lade det være. Men det var altså ikke ret funktionelt, og de gamle skabe trængte altså kraftigt til udskiftning – ligesom det er vigtigt at få ført nye rør, og isoleret gulvet. Så sådan bliver det. 😉 Og ja – børnene tror vist nok nærmest, at vi er på ferie. Jeg har det altså ikke helt på samme måde… 😉

    Barb – thank you! And welcome! 🙂

    Christina – hvor er du altså sød! Jeg gør mig umage med billederne – for to år siden var de ikke ret gode, hvis du tjekker min historie – så det hjælper lidt at arbejde på det. Tak! 🙂

    Lina – wow, I can tell you’re in quite a project as well! I’ll be taking deep breaths – thanks! 😉

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