Gingham Flower Pants

For some reason the pants that Ronja wore during summertime when she was Frida’s age, are too big for Frida still. So I have a good excuse for making summer pants for Frida, which I don’t mind at all, and I made her these yesterday.

Flower pants

The pattern is the same one from Ottobre, that I used for the chicken pants – #17 from 2/2003. The chicken pants have been such a success – she’s wearing them all the time, so I thought I’d try to follow up on that. I didn’t make the back pockets, but instead I used gingham for the bottom of the legs and the flower appliqués. The main fabric is linen.

Flower pants

I drew the flowers myself, and I think they turned out quite sweet. If you’ve been reading here for a while, you’ll know by now, that I am very fond of linen. I think it works perfectly for these pants as well – they should be nice and light for warm summer days like the ones we have now. It is very warm today, and the day will be spent relaxing in the garden mostly.

Flower pants


  1. Millie says:

    These are really lovely. Our weather is really changeable at the moment, light-weight trousers are a great. Shorts are really only suitable for our hottest days. Has your new Ottobre arrived yet? Mine arrived yesterday, I think i’ll make the dungarees for the girls as winter overalls. I need to find fabric first!

  2. Beatrice says:

    Sooooo cute!!!

    I found your site recently through the Big List of Sewing Blogs, and I subscribed right away. I love the stuff you make.

    Beatrice in Germany

  3. Yvonne says:

    The pants look great! I usually avoid linen because they are so hard to iron but I recently bought some at a local sewing shop and was given some recommendations on how to iron them. Hope it works!

  4. Susan says:

    nice pants. With this weather we have, they are perfect to wear.

    I have a sewing question. Do you zig-zag right to the edge of the flowers (but remain inside), or do you let the needle slightly touch outside the flower?

  5. Astrid says:

    Millie – thanks! I think the weather here must be similar – these are perfect summer pants for Frida. My Ottobre arrived the same day as yours, but I just can’t relate to fall sewing yet – I’ll get there. Not absolutely crazy about the issue, but there’s a tunic for Ronja that I think I’ll be making… 😉

    Beatrice – Thanks! And welcome here to my corner of the internet! I have been browsing through your blog as well – I could definitely learn a few things from you as for the adult sewing… 😉

    Yvonne – Thank you! I actually like the crinkled quality of the linen – I don’t think it necessarily has to be ironed – at least not for children. It’s a bit different for adults, though… Love the natural lightness, yet beautiful drape of the fabric.

    Kelli – thank you! 🙂

    punikum – thanks!

    Anne Dorte – hør er et skønt materiale! Tak! 🙂

    Lisa – they are, aren’t they. Thanks! 😉

    Teri – Thank you! (Mexico?)

    Sarah – :):)

    Susan – Thanks! Any time I do an appliqué this way, I zig zag over the edge, staying mostly on the appliqué. So, I don’t remain on the inside, I want my zig zag to hide the edge. However, I’m no expert on this – still learning. 😉

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