What a Week

Guys, thanks for your wonderful what-to-do-in-Amsterdam suggestions a week ago – there are so many awesome things you can do in Amsterdam, and unfortunately I didn’t really have time for any of them. It was business mostly (visiting the a4uexpo) , but I also had time for a very nice visit to my brother, his wife, and their 9-months old daughter Marlinde. We had a pleasantly relaxed and cosy evening, after which I went back to my hotel.

Feverish little girl

When I got back home, Frida was sick. Some kind of stomach flu causing her to throw up over and over. For a few days she had a really high fever, and we were terribly worried, because it was getting a bit hard to make contact with her.

Friday afternoon my mother came to visit for the weekend, which has been planned for a while. I felt quite sorry for her, because we were much less on top of things than what is usually the case – because of Frida’s condition. Still it was nice to see her!

Saturday, Mads was supposed to go to Jutland for another half-marathon, but an hour before he was leaving, he fell sick as well. So he pretty much spent that day in bed, while I was stuck with a clingy and unhappy Frida. The good thing is since Ronja was well and my mother was there, the two of them got to do some great things together during the weekend.

Sowing seeds with Mormor

They spent a lot of time in the garden, because the weather has been just gorgeous this past weekend. So now we’re waiting for the peas and the sunflowers to surface – and also I received some Asters from Fabric.com with my latest order, which were carefully sown by grandmother and granddaughter as well.

Sowing seeds with Mormor

Sunday was quite nice actually – Mads was feeling better, and so was Frida – at least a little bit. Ronja, my mother, and I went out for a small trip by train, and we even spent some time together in the garden, having tea and browsing through magazines. In the evening my mother got on the train to go back home after a weekend that turned out a bit differently from we had expected.

Well, well – what a week. Frida is pretty much ok now, and tomorrow I’m going to see a speech therapist with her – in order to help us helping her to work with her new palate.

And even though the weather is a bit more chilly now, the apple trees in the garden are blossoming – isn’t that nice?

Apple blossoms


  1. Jeannine says:

    Oh poor Frida. I feel for you. When Olivia got so sick, I spent almost eight days by her side, and one night in the hospital. Dehydration. It was terrible. It seems as if the flu just keeps getting worse every year, and when it effects children, it is even more horrible. I am so glad Ronja is not sick. This virus is extremely contagious. Best of wishes to Mads. You get some rest, otherwise your immune system won’t be able to fight it. Have a nice day!

  2. Millie says:

    What a week is right! I hope everyone is better, and no one else gets it, it’s no fun being sick or watching your kids when they’re sick. My babies are teething at the moment and they’re inconsolable at times. It’s not nice when you can’t help them feel better, but just being with them helps, I’m sure of that.

  3. Annette says:

    De er fantastiske, de æbletræer – jeg glæder mig til at få mit helt eget 🙂
    Det er et rørende billede af Frida – hvor ser hun sød og stakkels ud!
    Og dejligt at have sin mor på sidelinien i sådan en situation, selv om det så ikke lige blev en weekend som forventet.
    Håber I alle har det godt igen.

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