In the woods

Our Saturday was pretty relaxed. Except of course for the fact that I decided to make a clown costume for Frida, so that she too could go dressed properly for Fastelavn on Sunday. I’ll show you that later on.

Gone for a walk 

We went for a walk in the afternoon. Frida’s cold has been better these past few days, so we just had to get outside. It was drizzling, and Ronja brought her umbrella.

Gone for a walk 

Gone for a walk 

The walk made sure that we all got back home with a set of really cold fingers, however that was fixed with a cup of hot tea. The evening I spent sewing – to get a little clown ready for Sunday! 🙂


  1. Jeannine says:

    I miss our country side walks we had in Germany. We took walks everyday, and always greeted our neighbors. I wish we could do the same here, but there are no parks within 20 miles, and no sidewalks. Unlike Europe, the US is just different in those ways.

  2. Astrid says:

    Jeannine – no parks within 20 miles, and no sidewalks? Really? I mean, I know the US is different, but it’s not the moon… You’ll just have to teach them about parks, sidewalks, and neighbours… 🙂

    Amy – it is. At the moment we have someone in the family down with a cold all the time, so we rarely have the chance to go for walks all of us. It was really nice! 🙂

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