Out for a drive

Yesterday, Mads and I went for a drive with the girls.

In a field 

We used to do that quite a bit 5 years ago, when we were looking to buy a house, trying to get a feel of the different areas around Copenhagen. And of course, each time we have been searching for inspiration for something to do on the house – like constructional techniques, colours, roofing solutions, windows, etc. This particular weekend, we would have preferred to go for a walk, but Frida has a terrible cold again, so we went for a drive instead – just to get “outside” for a bit.


The landscape that surrounds our town is quite beautiful, especially if you go to the south. It had been snowing a little, and Ronja was going on all day about going out for a sled ride. I think she was a bit disappointed, that there wasn’t anywhere near enough snow for that. We haven’t had much snow this winter – way back in November, we had some, but I think that about sums it up…


I have been working on Ronja’s angel costume this weekend, and I’m rather enthusiastic about the way it’s coming together. I haven’t finished, though – still need the last bit of the underdress, and some detail work. I’m using this Ottobre pattern, which is meant for a regular dress (a bit to the dressy side), but I think it’s perfect for this purpose. Once again I have been getting some fabulous advice from the Ottobre English Sewing Group, which I cannot commend highly enough. I’m learning so much from being part of the group – it’s just brilliant for receiving help and inspiration, if you’re sewing Ottobre.

And then I received something this weekend. Ronja was certain it was for her, because of the sweet stamps on the envelope – including Curious George (called Peter Pedal in Danish). And the truth is, it will be for her as well.

From a friend 

Guys, take a look at this beautiful dress! It’s so wonderful – the shape, the sleeves, and that fabric too… Well, Sarah mailed me the traced pattern for it – isn’t she great? Thank you SO much, Sarah – it looks like it’s just the right size for Ronja, and I’m going to be making it among my first projects to come right after the angel costume.

And for you guys – if you aren’t reading it already, you should go have a look at Sarah’s blog – she does some beautiful sewing!


  1. Astrid says:

    Yvonne – thank you! 🙂

    Its_Lily – at the moment it’s rather grey here. When you do come back – plan to stop by in the summer time – and let me know! 😉

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