Saturday night

Last night we all went to the drive-in cinema to see Wall-E – the new Disney movie. I got these shots of the amazing sky above the drive in.

Beautiful sky at the drive in cinema

Beautiful sky at the drive in cinema

I love the atmosphere at the drive-in – even driving down into the pit adds a certain feel. Looking around while people are getting ready for the movie, getting out blankets, snacks, thermos bottles with hot tea, and whatever they brought. Everyone’s preparing for a good time all snuggled up in their cars while the daylight disappears. Love that.

Just before the movie began, the children were playing with light and shadow in front of the screen. The layers of different sized shadows looked amazing!

Children playing before the movie starts

We expected Frida to sleep through the movie – but she didn’t. However, she was happy sitting in my lap with her duvet, so Mads and I held a child each, and we all had a wonderful time. When we returned home, the girls were sound asleep, and they stayed that way while we put them to bed.

Oh, and by the way – the movie was cute, well-made, and entertaining – quite worth seeing, though in my opinion not a masterpiece. It is possible though, that I was distracted from the movie by the fact, that there were lots of questions to answer from Ronja. 🙂


  1. Lisa says:

    Looks like a fun family outing! That movie hasn’t been released in Australia yet – I will have to look out for it. I used to love drive-ins when I was a child – there aren’t any around in Perth anymore.

  2. Astrid says:

    Karen – I can understand why, Wall-E is really one cute robot! Didn’t she get scared of the movie? It was only barely that Ronja wanted to watch it…

    Lisa – We don’t have many drive-ins in Denmark either. Actually, I believe we imported the phenomenon from the US. Luckily this one isn’t too far from us, and I think it’s the biggest in Europe. The kids playing was amazing to watch!

    Lisa – It was fun, and I think most kids will love this movie! 🙂

    rikki – Check out this link – you might find one that is closer than you think!

  3. Astrid says:

    rikki – You’re welcome! No, the girls don’t speak English, but as Danish is a very small language (spoken only by approximately 5 mio Danes) we learn English quite early in school, and get to use it a lot when meeting people of other nationalities.

  4. Sarah says:

    Astrid your pictures are lovely, but what Paul and I both can’t get over is your lovely quintessential Americana experience-one we’ve never had!! I would love to go to a drive-in some day as it seems like the most charming summer thing to do.

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