I should like to thank…

…Mellissa from Wondermommy for awarding me the “Guide Michalak’s Vier Sterne Blog” award:

 (Vier Sterne = Four Stars) 

It originates from here, and I’m honoured and happy to receive this. The creator of the award has the following to say about why she made it:

“So it is: The Michelin Guide is known for distributing stars to restaurants that serve good food. But it’s not just food that keeps us in a good mood, also the heart and joy of original and authentic people do the trick. That is why I have created the Guide Michalak Vier Sterne Blog Award for blogs that I really find creative and unique.”

(freely translated from German by yours truly)

With the honour of receiving this award comes the privilege to pass it on to three other bloggers. So I’m warning you – lots of inspiration hidden behind the links below – you guys really keep me coming back!  😉

1. Tree Fall

2. Lille-Ursus

3. Sugar City Journal

Please remember to pass on the award!


  1. rikki says:

    BRAVO! Obviously I am not the only one who recognizes how special you are. Please keep posting, your posts are often the highlight of my day!!

  2. Astrid says:

    Lisa – thank you! And likewise! And a great weekend to you too! 😉

    rikki – thank you so much! That would be a fine reason to keep posting – I’ll do my best! 🙂

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