Come rain or come shine

We have lots of shine at the moment. Lots and lots actually. And should there come rain also, we’re prepared for it, because today Mads installed our new rain gutters.

The new rain gutters 

We had a wonderful day – even though it does sometimes drive me crazy when Mads has to work on the house with every chance he gets. Still, that is the way we have agreed from the beginning that it should be. We didn’t want the kids to get lost in our house project, so that’s why Mads is working on the house, and I take care of the girls and whatever else there is to take care of inside. And it’s quite a bit.

Mads is white washing the back of the house  

But we did have a wonderful day – we have all been at home today, and while Mads started the day white washing the back of the house and Frida dozed off in the pram, Ronja and I played with fusible beads. Ronja does that a lot at the moment. She arranges them in peg boards, and I iron them – and sometimes I also agree to the trusted task of finding beads in a certain colour for her. We have a really nice time doing this together, and she has built up quite a collection of artworks made from fusible beads.

After lunch we all went to a garden centre to buy some flowers and plants for the yard out back, and when we got home the girls both needed a nap, so I had the opportunity to plant the flowers in my pots right away. Now we just need to get the yard cleaned up so that we can arrange the acquisitions.

Mads is home again tomorrow, so on to the white washing of the front. Exciting!


  1. Astrid says:

    Hanne – isn’t it wonderful – it makes such a difference to the house! And then you just want it to rain, so that you can stand there, cheering! 🙂

    Creature of Habit – thank you so much! It has definitely been our dream, since we bought the old house 4 years ago that sooo needed an update. Now it’s taking shape… 😉 Thanks again!

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