Running again – and New Years resolutions

I have now been out running three times since New Years Eve – it’s a bit cold and I’m only just getting the hang of it, but it’s wonderfully satisfying.

People have many different opinions on New Year’s resolutions – the running is one of my New Year’s resolutions for this year. Some argue that there’s no reason why you should change more after this evening than any other – you don’t become a better person over night because you babble about it when you’re drunk and wearing a silly hat. That may be so… but then again.
In my opinion it’s a great opportunity to promise yourself something and actually hold yourself up to it. I save promises to myself for this evening – entirely for the opportunity of really thinking about whether or not there are things in my life that I want to change. Also, criticizing the idea of New Year’s resolutions seems a bit too convenient – that way you can go into the new year, not even noticing that you had a chance to make new beginnings.

I have joined an online running group at the site It contains a really great debate forum for talk about training, injuries, motivation, and much more. And then there’s the online training diary, in which I log all of my runs – my group can see my runs and I can see theirs. It’s really motivating for me to be able to exchange experiences with and at the same time I’m a little more disciplined, when I know that others can see my runs.

Running again tomorrow.


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