So I did it again – I made another pair of the Onion pants from pattern 20022.

 Spring pants - mosaic

It’s my fourth pair made from this pattern, but Ronja is growing out of the first two ones, and they just really work well, look good, and are easy to sew up. The pants came together over a few evenings this week, after the girls were in bed. I used a floral baby corduroy along with a soft pink one, both purchased cheap at a local sewing shop. I quite like the result, and Ronja has new pants that are easy for her to put on and take off.

Still, I will have to be on the lookout for a new pants pattern – can’t keep doing this one…  ;)

A week ago, an online shop with a small, but very nice selection – - had a sale with 50% discount on Japanese fabric and trim. I usually buy Japanese fabric in the US, but with a discount like that, even Denmark was suddenly competitive. The sale is over, but I got myself a few things, and when it arrived two days ago, I just had to make this.

Matryoshka blouse 

It’s a blouse for Frida, and I love that this soft Japanese cotton linen blend is heavy enough to keep her warm, even when it’s a bit chilly. Frida loves it – which is funny, because usually you would think that a 1 year old didn’t care much what she was wearing, but this blouse has her giggling while looking down and touching the small matryoshka dolls all the time. Just a funny side effect.

Japanese matryoshka dolls fabric 

I actually made it from a size 92, which Frida is nowhere near yet. I took a few inches off the sleeves and cut it with only half a cm seam allowance, and it’s a really nice fit – roomy without being too big, but sure to fit her for a while. And if needed there’s room enough for a long sleeved t-shirt underneath.

Japanese ribbon 

 I also got this Japanese ribbon, and I love it. I don’t know what they will be used for, but the possibilities are countless.

By the way, the new Ottobre kids issue is up on the Ottobre website and it should arrive in my mailbox pretty soon. It looks like a great issue, and there are definitely several things that I want to make for the girls. Time is the issue as always – but that’s life!

A few days ago I made this dress for Ronja.

Dress for the cold season 

I used a pattern that I have used several times before, the Onion 20022, which is the same I used for Ronja’s Kindergarten dress and Frida’s Apple blouse. I used some baby wale corduroy that I bought recently, which was first used for adding a detail to a pair of pants for Frida, but this time I wanted to make it the main fabric in a dress for Ronja. For the sleeves I had some soft pink baby wale corduroy that matched nicely. I didn’t alter anything, I just added a pocket and appliqued some of the pattern from the main fabric to the sleeves as a bubbly detail.

Winter dress - detail 

I like this pattern a lot, because the dress is easy for Ronja to put on, nice and warm to wear and stays where it’s supposed to. And of course, because of the loose design it fits for a long time – which is also an important bonus. I didn’t do quite as good a job at the appliques as I would have liked to, but overall I’m happy with the dress, and I know Ronja is, which is the most important thing.

At the last part of my running route, I always see two horses – well, there are quite a few horses on the trip, but these two are different. They are standing close to the road, having their grassy dinner, and looking very peaceful. There are not many people around in that area, so I always go “Hi horses” when I run by. And they turn their heads and nod kindly (well maybe that last bit is my imagination, but you get the point), and they’re probably thinking “There’s that crazy lady again – whatever is she trying to catch?”. Anyway, I like our little rendezvous. My run yesterday evening was tough, so the friendly nod from the two horses was very welcome!

Got a few shots of Frida in the shade of the apple tree, wearing her apples yesterday.

Frida wearing her apples

I was amused that Jeannine in my comments on the last post tried to guess what Frida would be wearing with the blouse for the modeled pic. Could’ve been both red pants and blue jeans, Jeannine – however with the heat we’re having, I went with the more natural look.  ;)

Looking up through the leaves

As always, I was considering several combinations of fabric for this blouse, and I’m so glad I chose to leave the fabric alone.

By the way – Frida is soooo crawling now! Not just experimenting – really crawling!

And then one final thing: We just ordered our vacation, so we’re leaving tomorrow for a week in Greece! :)

I received some wonderful fabric earlier this week – some of the designs from Sandi Henderson‘s new line “Farmer’s Market”. And today I could not help myself – while Mads was out cycling, I made a little blouse for Frida. There’s nothing to it – it’s so simple. But you just gotta love it, because of the fabric. It’s such a cheerful, lively and sweet design, and yet so simple.

Apple blouse for Frida 

I serged it together which went really easily, though I must say I find it a bit harder to be accurate when I’m using a serger compared to my beloved sewing macine. The blouse went together quickly, and the only difficult thing about it was that I didn’t have a pattern for it – or actually I did have a pattern, but it was nowhere near Frida’s size. So I used an Onion-pattern for a size 92 and downsized it to something like a 68/74 - taking into consideration that a baby’s proportions are not the same as those of a 2-3 year old. That went well – initially the sleeves were too long, but luckily that’s one of the easy things to fix. I was thinking about adding elastics to the sleeves, but I decided that I like the loose look for a summer blouse, so I’m going with this. If I change my mind, the hems on the sleeves still have room for adding the elastic.

Apple blouse for Frida 

Now that the work is done, another great thing is I can use the pattern I drafted for the similar peasant blouse I wanted to make for Frida’s pants. However, that’s gonna have to wait a bit.

While I was sewing, Ronja was sitting next to me, writing!

Writing her name  

She now only needs a reminder here and there to write her own name, which I think is so cool – and she’s totally doing it for fun, which is even more cool. When I’m sewing, I also allow her to play with the pins – it does get out of hand once in a while, but as long as it doesn’t, we’re just having a really nice time together.

This is the 2nd day of our vacation, and given that maternity leave is not the quickest way to fortune, and since we still need to get away for a while, we’re looking at last minute travel deals. At the moment it looks like we may be going to Greece in a few days – but we’ll see… In the meantime the weather here is marvellous!