Arrival New Zealand – and Tour de Hong Kong

Here we are, in Auckland, New Zealand. After looking at maps and reading through travel blogs etc. for who knows how long, we’re finally here.

It was a looong flight. First from Copenhagen to Düsseldorf, then directly from there to Hong Kong. 11 and a half hour, all in all. For a while the girls were acting like the plane was pure luxury, the whole concept of getting your own pillow and blanket, your own entertainment screen, and your own little box of dinner seemed more than enough to keep them entertained. None of us slept very much, even though it would have been a good idea, since we had a night disappear on us, due to the seven hours of time difference. So when we reached Hong Kong early Sunday morning, we were low on energy.

We had 8 hours to kill before the next flight, and we didn’t want to spend all that time at the airport, so we caught a train to Hong Kong central station, and found a sightseeing bus from there. In spite of us being completely unprepared for this, it was still fun to get an impression of the hectic city.


After our brief Hong Kong adventure we headed back to the airport to catch our flight to Auckland. I think especially Frida was glad we did – she found the hectic and different city a bit overwhelming. She wasn’t much of a fan of the standing toilet either – the only one we could find at a time when she needed one.

Our flight from Hong Kong to Auckland was a bit more that 11 hours, and it ate up 5 more hours of time difference, so now we’re on the full 12 hours of time difference, compared to Denmark. We were absolutely beat when we sat down in our seats, and everyone fell asleep almost immediately. The girls slept more or less the entire way here, so now we’re ready to take on the city. Almost. Right now we’re having some quiet feet-up-shower-change-of-clothes time in the hotel room, which was much needed. After that we will go for a walk in the City of Sails.


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