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I know, that among blog readers, I should come across many true readers. You guys visit libraries and book stores, and you curl up on the couch under a knitted blanket with a cup of tea – as you passionately consume your next novel. That is, if you’re not knitting. But some of you are bound to be more like me.

When I was young (like wayyy back…), I used to read that way too. For years now, I have found it too hard to concentrate – I have found that there are too many things to do, and too many hobbies to nourish. Always stuff going on in my head, that prevent me from clearing the way and focusing on reading. Last summer vacation when we were sailing in Sweden, I almost read a real, physical novel. Almost.

I finished it on Storytel, and that’s why I feel like sharing – the same way I would, if I had just started running, and succeeded with it – after wanting to for years.

I started reading.

I spend 2-3 hours a day in my car, going back and forth to work, and thanks to Storytel (no affiliation, pure enthusiasm), that time is now mostly spent reading novels. The dreadful traffic becomes less important, and I look forward to the drive on the motorway much more than before. Audio reading still takes getting used to, and it still requires your focus and ability to shut out random thoughts, which I think is valuable practice. I relax more driving, and sometimes when I reach the house, I even stay in the car for two more minutes to finish a chapter. This is a rediscovered world to me.

I started using the audiobook app, Storytel, when it first came out about a year ago, and to be honest it was far from perfect. However, they updated the app not too long ago, and now in terms of functionality and design, I like it a  lot. New books are added to the app quickly, different lists give you ideas of what to read, their Facebook page offer inspiration, and I pretty much have the options that I need. I do have a few ideas for development (like an enclosed overview of characters and places for those of us with poor memory), and I have quickly become self-proclaimed expert of audiobook narrators. Also, imagine Spotify and Storytel merged into one service – that would be awesome!

I am in Denmark, and the version of Storytel I am using is Danish with literature in Danish and English. However, I have noticed that it seems they are expanding to more countries, so check out to see if they have an offer for you as well. (Still, no affiliation – just a great service.)

If you are anything like me when it comes to reading – try it out.

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    • Astrid says:

      Hi Estelle
      I have found it depends very much on the narrator. Some have my attention – some just don’t work for me. It could be the same for you?

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