My Blue Path Quilt – and a Visit to the Craft Fair

I know. I don’t show myself much in here, and I haven’t for a while. However, life is busy and good, and we always have a million things that we want to do. So why am I here?

I made a quilt. I call it my “Blue Path Quilt” – below you can see why. I hope. Please also notice how much help Mads is being back there. The quilts may be great, but they do not actually float freely in the air.

Blue Path Quilt

I designed the layout myself – there isn’t that much to it, but I still needed to figure out which fabrics to cut in the various sizes.

Blue Path Quilt design

If you wish, leave me a note with your e-mail, and I will send you the complete layout.

The last quilt I made, was such a success in the family, that I wanted to make another one. I never posted a picture of the entire quilt, so here it goes. I am still really fond of it.

Squares quilt

The two quilts are about the same size which is 160 cm x 190 cm.

I actually had some pieces cut for the new quilt that I ended up not using, so I almost finished a smaller quilt for Frida’s bed as well. Still need to finish the quilting on that one though.

I really like making these. It’s the type of work that blends well into my days, even though I have weeks with no sewing at all. Starting the new quilt just at the beginning of the new year felt so good, because I haven’t really been sewing for a while. Nice. I will definitely be making more quilts – I may even up the stakes a bit, and try doing something a bit more complicated, but we’ll see. I made a Pinterest-board to gather pictures of quilts that inspire me.


Today I spent half the day with my good friends Julie and Christina at AOH messen – a Danish craft fair with primary focus on sewing, knitting, crocheting etc. At the same event last year, even if I had a good time there, I felt like they were not really targeting the younger audience, which I am part of in this respect, whether you can believe that or not. This year was different, though. They had made an area called the Blogosphere, with lots of crafty bloggers willing to share what they knew and help people out. Awesome idea!

Julie and I had signed up for a crocheting workshop lead by Jeanette, which was fun. I will not be an expert crocheter any time soon, but if you are, check out her very nice patterns (in Danish) – she has an awesome, modern crochet style, that I really like.

Later we found Christina at a stamp workshop by Puk, and we joined them in making rubber stamps. This is something I could definitely see myself doing with the girls – it was fun, only as hard as you decide to make it, and it’s quite rewarding once you get to the part where you can stamp your own design on – well, anything.

Rubber stamp

This was my first go. The carving sets were sold out at the fair, so I ordered some online tonight – this is something I will enjoy exploring a little further. Always loved the stamps made by Craftpudding – however I don’t think she’s in business anymore, so now I’ll just have to use her work as a source of inspiration.

In the afternoon, Mads, Ronja and I went to the harbour to make sure Anna was well wrapped and cosy. We are totally looking forward to spring, and getting her back into the water. In the meantime, we had a beautiful sunny afternoon, and a gorgeous sunset driving home.


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