My Schoolhouse Tunic

I did some sewing this weekend. It was weird really, because Saturday morning I stooped to lift up Frida, and as soon as Frida was off the ground, there was a crack in my back, and it hurt like … you don’t wanna know. It went on all Saturday through the night and Sunday as well, but when I started my sewing project it slowly went away. That must be some sort of sign, right? Seeew mooooooore….

As I was saying, I did some sewing. 🙂 I bought the pattern for the Schoolhouse Tunic from Sew Liberated a few months ago, and I just love the design in its simplicity and elegance. I really don’t find much sewing time recently, so it’s been waiting for a spare afternoon, but now I have made my first version of this.

Schoolhouse Tunic

I used linen and a striped linen-cotton blend for the tunic, and I think the combo works well. The reason for using two different fabrics was actually that I thought I wouldn’t have enough linen, but I would have had afterall – I used nowhere near the amount that the pattern calls for. I made a size 10/12 (I’m usually a Scandinavian size 38-40), and I was worried it would be too small, but it could have been just slightly smaller. However, I didn’t prewash the fabric (never quite get around to doing that), so maybe it’ll shrink to a perfect fit – fingers crossed – when I wash it.

I can recommend the pattern – it includes easy-to-follow line drawings, and the tunic came together quickly. It is simple yet with details that give it a wonderfully finished look, so if you have sewn before and are wondering whether or not to give this a go, I would say jump right in – you can do it!

Schoolhouse Tunic - modeled

This is me wearing the tunic with jeans, but it is worth noting that the tunic/dress is quite versatile and can be worn with jeans, leggings, bare legs – and you can add a belt if you wish.

Now that I have you, I can also show you the dress I made for Frida a month ago. To Frida, the only scale that counts at the moment is the twirlyness-scale. I have made her a number of dresses, that she liked initially, but just don’t want to wear right now due to a low score on the twirlyness-scale – therefore my object with this dress was to get my creations well up there on her scale again. This is the result:

Twirly patchwork dress

I used different designs baby corduroy for the outer dress, and quilting cotton for the inside of the bodice. I made up the pattern for the skirt myself, but I was quite inspired by this dress purchased for Ronja from H&M 4 years ago – and loved to pieces by Frida! For the bodice I used an Ottobre-pattern from 3/2008 #15 – the tie-back tunic – I took out a little more than a centimeter from the middle, because it is very wide, and I added an invisible zipper instead of the ties. So back to the scale – does it twirl?

Twirly Dress for Frida

Twirly Dress for Frida

OH yes! 🙂


  1. Jeannet says:

    Alle 4 dele er smukke (o: Er helt vild med etage patchwork kjolen.
    Håber din ryg bliver god igen, for det lød da ikke særlig godt. Avav
    Kh Jeannet

  2. Astrid says:

    Tak skal du have, Jeannet – ryggen er allerede meget bedre (og jeg er helt overbevist om, at det ikke har noget med alder at gøre, selv om det spydigt blev nævnt fra flere sider…! 🙂

  3. Millie says:

    I love the tunic! I have heard great things about this pattern. It looks lovely on you.
    Frida’s dress is wonderful too. Very twirly! Little girls must get their priorities right!

  4. sophie says:

    I have made up the School House Tunic as well and loved it. Yours looks so lovely. Well done on the twirly dress – that’s the biggest request in this house too.

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