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As I mentioned earlier, Mads and I have worked up the last bits of renovation energy and emptied the bedroom, in order to renovate the very last of the ‘real’ rooms in the house. I won’t even show you what that does to the living room at the moment. The reason for the expression ‘real rooms’ is that we have a small section of the house which is not insulated, and which hosts the laundry room and back hallway – we will get to these eventually I believe, but they don’t have very high priority as they don’t belong to what you may refer to as the main house.

But here’s what I’m getting to: Mads said, that as long as there’s room for the bed in the bedroom, I can pretty much decide what should happen to the rest of the room. (He later gets to insulate and fix up the garage for his motorcycle, so though it’s terribly sweet of him, he does have an agenda…:) ) Are you still following? This means sewing corner! It means fabric space! It means no more dragging out all my sewing stuff to the dining table in the living room each time I want to sew, and it means I will be able to sew a little when I have the time, instead of waiting until it makes sense to spend 20 minutes getting everything out. It’s not a huge bedroom, but it isn’t tiny either, so I’ll work with what I have. I am currently trying to figure out the wall colour, but the rest is where you guys come in!

I know many of you have wonderful, functional sewing spaces or even whole rooms – and I would love to know what advice you would give me? Think of anything – think drawers, table, light, shelves, containers, etc. What did you get right in your sewing space? What do you wish you had done differently? Do you want to show me your sewing space? I will be thankful for any inspiration or advice!

I have purchased a lot of my fabric through, and I just received a discount code that I thought I’d share – so: Use code “CLEAR30” at and get an additional 30% off the clearance section! Offer valid through 11/15/10.


  1. Ana says:

    Woo! I just went shopping. Thanks for the discount code.
    And when I am lucky enough to have a sewing space, the main thing I want is a table that is high enough for me to cut fabric at without being bent double!

  2. DorteSkov says:

    Uuuuh jeg vil også have mit eget syhjørne 🙂
    der er en tråd på SB om syhjørner og hvad folk er glade for 🙂

  3. Astrid says:

    Rikki – thanks, noted. 🙂

    Ana – you’re very welcome! For fabric cutting, I’m afraid the dinner table will still have to do – I need a large table for that, and I don’t think that will fit into the bedroom along with all the other stuff I’m going to be putting in there… 😉

    Dorte – jeg tror, det bliver så dejligt – springer straks over på SB og kigger. 🙂

    Millie – really – you don’t? I thought you did with your big house and everything. No carpet – noted (think you’re right). I hadn’t seen the Flickr-set – to have that much space would be a dream, but there’s lots of nice inspiration. And it’s relevant too, since IKEA will most likely be the source of what I get for my sewing space. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Mariadenmark says:

    Hej Astrid

    Jeg har lige fået mit eget meget lille bitte syrum (efter at have nøjedes med syhjørner i nogle år:-)).
    Jeg planlægger en blogpost om det (jeg har allerede en om mit pressebord, som jeg klart anbefaler at have!), men ellers vil jeg sige at kodeordene er bordplads til maskinerne og computeren, reoler og opslagstavler.
    Fra ikea har jeg er købt ting fra deres køkkenafdeling (f.eks. sådan en stang man hænger kroge på) som gør stor nytte!

    God fornøjelse:-)

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