That Was That…

Yesterday was our first day back on the job after our summer vacation. I could’ve used more vacation for sure, but getting back in the office wasn’t so bad after all.

So what did we do for the last bit of our vacation? Well, we had visits from the grandmothers, visited Land of Legends Lejre (Sagnlandet Lejre), relaxed a lot, went for walks, did little outings. It was the kind of days that when you look back on them, you can’t really account for your whereabouts – which is rather nice, I think.

Impressions from the last bit of a summer vacation.

Land of Legends Lejre

Sailing in a log boat at Land of Legends Lejre.

Grinding grain into flour

Grinding grain into flour – I’m not sure I even made enough flour for a Digestive…

Grinding grain into flour

Ronja worked hard as well – we had to promise her that we will go back there to grind some more before too long.


The weather hasn’t been amazing summer weather, but this was a good day. We drove to Rødvig for an icecream and a bit of walking around at the harbour looking at boats. Frida loves boats – there’s definitely a sailor in that little girl.


And we did some jumping.


And a bit of flying as well.

Now we’re back to our regular rhythm – I drop off the children at their day care in the morning at 7-7.15 and they have a full day there until Mads comes to pick them up in the afternoon. We both work full time in Copenhagen, so the girls have long days in their day cares – good thing they’re really fond of them!

So guys, back to work – but it won’t be long before we take on a new project. Remember the project we’re working on? Well, we haven’t finished. I’ll let you in on the details soon.


  1. Millie says:

    These days out are the ones that kids really enjoy and remember. The girls look lovely. You say Frida loves boats, My son wants to own his own car ferry! He may start saving! Your weather looks far better than ours, I think we’ve had rain almost every day since June! I look foward to seeing pictures of the project.

  2. CreatureofHabit says:

    Looks like wonderful family time. The weather here has been rainy/chilly as well. Although this week someone turned up the heat and it is very muggy. Ugh.

    Please tell me Mads is a Contractor by profession… cuz otherwise he is seriously the best, most handy husband EVER! I can’t believe how great the house looks and that he did so much of it himself!

  3. Di says:

    How exciting! Your post has brought back happy memories of my own childhood. My parents took us on holiday to Denmark a couple of times when I was a child and I remember loving this museum – 25 years or so ago……I think it is the same place. It was definitely near Roskilde because we also visited the Viking Ship Museum…and I remember thinking how cool would it be to live in an Iron Age house!

  4. Astrid says:

    Millie – car ferry! 😀 That’s somewhat of a goal! We have had a lot of rain, but it hasn’t been cold, and there have been good days as well. I’m not complaining – I had my week in Crete. 😉

    Alittlegnocchi – Frida’s hair is growing so much at the moment – much quicker than Ronja’s ever did. It’s funny how children can be different. 🙂

    Amy – Thank you! 🙂 Mads is not a contractor. Actually he was trained as a press photographer, and later completed another education as technical designer, which is what he is employed as now. He is just a quick learner and a good worker – he does an amazing job, quite frankly!

    Di – It’s funny – I was there as well about 25 years ago with my school. I hurt my arm (jammed it between a log boat and the pier) and needed a sling for the rest of the school camp. It is a totally cool place – I haven’t been back before this time, but we’re definitely going there again! 🙂

  5. Millie says:

    This won’t be any ordinary car ferry, it will have skate board ramps, phone boxes,stoves, computers. All pets will be allowed on, except zoo animals. His sister will run the restaurant. He will allow his family to travel free. He’s totally serious about it all!

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