Lemonade on the garden table

I made a Lickety Split bag for spring a while ago as a gift for a special blog-friend. I didn’t show you then, but it’s more than appropriate now, because I think I can say with confidence, that spring is finally here!

These are pictures from yesterday afternoon, when the girls and I enjoyed the sun in the garden. Mads was out with his friend Martin and thousands of other motorcyclists celebrating the annual opening of Bakken Amusement Park – the oldest amusement park in the world. (If you’re curious, the first to paragraphs here explain the event rather well.) I do believe they enjoyed themselves as well!

Snowdrops and a blue sky

What a great day

Winter aconites

So now that I’ve proved to you that spring is really here – this is the Lickety Split in my dotted spring-version.

Lickety Spring

Lickety Spring

I made it just the same way as usual (previous versions here and here) – followed Rae‘s pattern, and added sew-in interfacing to give it a touch more body and a magnetic snap. I’m really fond of it, and I think the recipient was as well.

And speaking of Rae – don’t forget that her awesome Spring Top Week is about to begin. Tops can be entered from March 30th, and all the details on how to participate are on her blog. Even if you don’t participate, the amount of inspiration found in the many contributions is amazing – and that will be revealed over on Rae’s blog in the beginning of May.

I am so fond of my Lickety Split bags – the one that I got from Rae at Made By Rae as well as the one I made from her pattern. That is why I made this for my mother-in-law’s birthday a little while ago.


It’s a gift card – for a custom made Lickety Split bag. This means that she got to choose the colour, and I went on to choose the fabric and make her the bag.

My mother-in-law decided on a purplish bag that would go with a felted wool jacket she just got for herself. Below you see the result.

Lickety Split Purple

The outer fabric is from Stof & Stil, and the fabric for the outer pockets and lining is from Malika & Rosa – this is actually fabric from Onion, the same Onion that makes many of the patterns I use. I was actually going to use this for the exterior of the bag, but the cotton quality was just too light for that. I do like the combination the way it turned out, though. So I followed the pattern instructions and added sew-in interfacing for padding the way I did with the one I made for myself. I also installed a magnetic snap at the opening, because it’s nice to be able to close the bag if you’re carrying a lot in it. I have missed this a few times in my own.

This has been my first sewing in quite a while, and I must say I’m happy with it – I just hope that goes for the recipient as well!

A bit earlier I sent off Mads and Ronja to the cinema. It’s Ronja’s very first trip to the cinema, and they’re going to see the new Curious George movie – Ronja loves Curious George, and she was so excited! Frida has just been tucked in for her nap, and I wanted to show you something.

Part of my prize in the Spring Top Week was a beautiful bag designed by Rae herself, and she was kind enough as to send me the pattern as well – what I believe to be an early version of it. I love the bag, so I thought I’d give the pattern a go as well, and after making the Birdie Sling, I wanted a bag that was not quite as big, and with a different fabric combo, since I wasn’t so happy with what I did with that one. So this is my result.

The Lickety Split Bag

For the exterior of the bag I chose Amy Butler’s Happy Dots design, and decided to go with Sandi Henderson’s Petal Party for pockets and lining – both purchased from Fabric.com, but you would be able to get them in many well-assorted fabric shops online, I believe. I wanted to add a little bit of body to this bag, and I decided to add some sew-in interfacing (Vilene Heavy Sew-In in this case). You add sew-in interfacing by cutting matching pieces, and then pretending that the interfacing is the back side of the exterior fabric (or the lining fabric) at all times. It does give you a little extra work, because you need to match up three layers when sewing everything together instead of too, but it’s really not bad, and it gives a nice slightly padded effect when you’re done. I learned working with it when I made the oilcloth backpack a while ago, and I really like the way it behaves.

The Lickety Split Bag - side view

I made the bag with exterior pockets going by my own measurements, as I didn’t have the measurements that Rae has used for hers. I’m not sure I will be using them all that much, because they are kind of open to anyone, but I still like them as part of the design – I think they add a nice detail to the bag. My pockets – exterior and interior – are interfaced as well. For interior pockets I chose to make a rather large one at one side of the bag (below), and a pocket for my mobile phone at the other side. Note to self: Add pockets before you close the bottom of the bag – I didn’t, and I believe Mads overheard me swearing a few times… I considered adding magnetic closure to this bag as well, but decided not to.

The Lickety Split Bag - inner pocket

Conclusively, I’m so fond of my Lickety Split, and it has a perfect size for a handbag. The pattern is easy, instructions great, and the final result still looks nice and fresh. If there are any beginner sewers out there, who thought the Birdie Sling looked a bit too much (and too big perhaps), I would say they should go ahead and make this – it really is fun and easy to make with a wonderful result that you will certainly find use for. You can buy the pattern ($6) for immediate download here.

Finally, this is me with my new bag – it came shopping with me yesterday, and it did a great job!

My Lickety Split Bag - action pic

<a href=”http://www.kqzyfj.com/click-3344451-10283474?cm_mmc=CJ-_-2613997-_-3344451-_-Fabric.com”>Fabric.com</a><img src=”http://www.tqlkg.com/image-3344451-10283474″ border=”0″ alt=”" width=”1″ height=”1″ />

Yesterday was my lucky day. The mail man came by at work as well as at home – bringing all kinds of treats!

First up, I had ordered some stuff from jcaroline creative a while ago, and I’m telling you, if you love ribbon that is the place to go! I was just stopping by for a few pieces of ribbon, and I ended up going a little bit crazy. Check this out – and this is just a small selection of my order:




Sorry guys – I know this could be an expensive acquaintance…  ;) Note, that if you’re from Denmark, you could have a little trouble checking out – I did, as the shop system didn’t accept my Danish credit card. Don’t give up, they were so helpful and it ended up working out just fine.

So guys, do you remember a while back when I entered my light summer tunic to Rae’s Spring Top Week? And it went and won? Well, Rae just sent me a package full of gorgeous stuff that had arrived when I came home yesterday afternoon! A few peeks:

From Rae

From Rae

And there was a beautiful handmade belt and a sweet card as well! And she mailed me the pattern for her wonderful Toddler Backpack which will be perfect for either one of the girls, when I get around to making it. This has to be my favourite, though – the Lickety Split Bag!

The Lickety Split Bag

I’m going to agree with her – it’s a perfect bag for nearly anything! It’ll find great use here – for outings, trips to the beach, visiting friends, etc. And she even included the pattern, so I’m definitely going to give it a go!

Thank you so much, Rae – I love it all! Next time you do something like the Spring Top Week – i’m in! :)