CentiLong Quilted Vests

I have two good Danish friends who have joined forces to make sewing patterns, under the name of CentiLong. I have been wanting to try the patterns for a while, but their first e-book with several sweet patterns, was for smaller sizes, so I couldn’t use those for our girls. However, recently they finished two patterns that covered Ronja’s and Frida’s sizes, and the weekend before Frida and I were going to the hospital, I made one of them for her.

Frida modeling her new vest

Quilted vest

You may have noticed it in my previous post about her surgery, because at the times when she wore her own clothes instead of her nightgown, she wanted to wear the vest as well.

Now, after we returned from hospital, Ronja wanted one like it, and I finished her’s a few days ago. I made this bias tape myself – the one for Frida’s vest I found in some American online shop. I used covered buttons for both vests and the same light quality denim/linen blend for the outer fabric. I have to learn to not spend too much fabric when I have to quilt it – I tend to cut out too much before I quilt, and then I have to cut away quite a bit after it is quilted. But then, I don’t really have any experience with that, so I guess, I just need to do it some more. The pattern is great – I love the shape of the vests. The girls are both slightly small for their age, and I made them a size 104 and 116 which both fitted nicely.

11 appliqué

As you can see, it has the number 11 appliqued on the back, which is Ronja’s own choice – don’t ask me why though, apparently it had something to do with 12 being a significant number in fairytales, and the fact that 11 comes just before 12 makes it special. Whatever, 11 it is. 🙂 She looks a little sad in that first picture, but she really wasn’t. I think she is trying to come up with all kinds of looks that she finds model’ish, when I ask her if I can take a few pictures. Doesn’t prohibit her from cracking up, though.


They wanted their picture taken together afterwards, and this is what I got. Well, well…

The girls

The other pattern from CentiLong that fits the girls, is definitely also one, that I want to try. It’s a quilted jacket, and a bit of a mouthful for me, I think – especially because of the quilting. But I love it, and when I have the time, I’m going to try it. I’ll let you know when I get to that. I know that Lis and Christina are looking into having their patterns translated for all you English-speaking seamstresses, so I’ll keep you posted on that as well.

In the meantime, you can check out my new list of sewing terms translated from Danish to English (and the other way around) that I made for you right here. Let me know if there’s any way I can improve it for your use, or if you are just missing words. And do feel free to share the link – I made it for anyone who could benefit from a list that translates either one or the other way between English and Danish.

Finally, last weekend I made these patchwork pillows. Quick and easy, and I quite like them. After a while without time for the sewing machine, I’m trying to find my way back there – can you tell?

Patchwork pillows


  1. Maria says:

    Åh… Hvor ér de flotte ! Jeg tror også snart jeg må kaste mig ud i at lave sådan en vest.

    De er bare SÅ flot lavet, og hvor er pigerne fine i dem.

    Ha en dejlig lørdag.

    KH Maria.

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