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Bloggers Meetup - November 2010

Origami crane mobileMads is away for a few days, which means that tonight I’m home alone with the girls and a sore throat. I put the girls to bed a while ago, and Ronja actually lost her first tooth, while we were brushing her teeth – that is quite an event for a 6-year old, and she proclaimed she will be expecting a visit from the tooth fairy. I don’t remember tooth fairies from when I was a child, but I guess I should probably find a coin or something.

Today has been spent on the couch under a blanket, sleeping and drinking lots of tea with honey, and yesterday was rather similar. The next few days I am attending a conference called New Media Days that takes place in Copenhagen once a year. I love going there to expand my knowledge on current development and the future of digital media, and I am so hoping to wake up tomorrow just a little bit better.

It’s been a busy week, this past week. I spent a couple of days in London – it was work related, but we had time off as well. I like London a lot, and I would love to go back there before long. We didn’t overdo sleep, so Friday back at work was a long day.

The origami crane mobile you see on the left, are some that I made Saturday (if you want to learn how, you can find instructions here), when I went to yet another blogger meetup with the inspiring group of crafty, blogging women that I am lucky enough to be part of. Those days are great, and it’s always hard to leave – we spend an entire day talking, laughing, sharing, doing different kinds of crafts, enjoying snacks and great food – and well – joining in conversations about all the things that we have in common, as well as the things we don’t. Thanks, girls! The glass bead at the bottom of the crane mobile was made by Anne, who has taken on glass crafting – she makes some gorgeous stuff.

Origami crane mobile The week before this one, we went to a check-up with Frida. As some of you recall, she was born with a cleft palate, and had surgery when she was 18 months. We have been visiting a speech therapist to make sure her language would come along as it should, and also to determine whether she would need further surgery or not (elaborated here). Getting all the sounds right has taken a while for Frida, but we are so getting there. This time, visiting the speech therapist was just so much fun for Frida as well as her proud parents. She went through an entire book, describing what she saw in a bunch of pictures, and her pronunciation as well as her attitude towards the task was just a pleasure to witness. The therapist told us she had no reason to believe Frida would need another round of surgery, and I so hope she is right. We can do without. 🙂


  1. Ulla V. says:

    Først og fremmest er jeg virkelig glad for at høre, at det går så godt med Frida. Hvor er det bare dejligt for jer allesammen. Og at hun heller ikke vil behøve endnu en operation er vel nok fantastisk godt. :))

    Og sikke dog nogle travle uger du har haft. Men når det er spændende ting der fylder dagene, så er det altid lidt lettere.

    Jeg håber, at du er frisk inden længe så du kan nå at deltage i konferencen. Hjemme hos os har både Emil og Christian været syge over de seneste uger. Men det er jo også lige sæson for hoste og deslige.

    Hav det nu godt og rigtig god bedring, Astrid. :)))

  2. Jane says:

    Oh, Astrid! I’m so delighted for you that little Frida doesn’t need another operation. Gosh, you must have been through some stressful times, worrying about her health. So far, the pixies have had 6 operations and little Sam has to have another on his eyes soon. It’s hard being a parent and watching them go through it all, isn’t it? J x

  3. Millie says:

    I hope your throat improves. That’s great news about Frida. Like you say, you can do without another operation.
    I think a bloggers meet-up must be a wonderful thing, I met with a friend who has twin girls on Saturday…it’s lovely to chat to someone who understands what your talking about! Be it crafting or something else.

  4. katharina says:

    Hej Astrid
    Hvor er det dejligt at du er tilbage på bloggen! Jeg har savnet dine kreationer. Jeg glæder mig til at se hvad sekskanterne bliver til.
    – Katharina

  5. Di says:

    That’s great news for Frida!

    I hope that you enjoy the conference and London is a great place to visit. I am going in a couple of weeks to see friends – can’t wait!

  6. ItsLily says:

    That is wonderful news about Frida, but not so good about you. I do hope you wake feeling much better so you aren’t distracted from your conference. By the way, I smiled when I saw the first picture. I visited Niagara Falls again this summer, but Denmark still remains on my to-be-visited again list. Someday….

    I made the backpack from your tutorial without the oil cloth. It turned out wonderful. Thanks

  7. Astrid says:

    Ulla – hvor dejligt at høre fra dig. Jeg sad faktisk og kiggede på dine lækre djævlehuer, smittende bogindkøb og skønne Otto i går, men det er ikke altid, jeg lige får sat et fodspor, når jeg er forbi. Ja, det er SÅ dejligt, at det går godt med Frida, og hun var bare en fryd for øjet den dag – også den dag! Jeg stablede mig selv på benene i dag og tog til konference med lidt forsinkelse. Nu er jeg på the og honning igen. 😉 Tak!

    Jane – To be honest, Frida hasn’t given us much reason to worry, because she has been tackling it all amazingly. It was the surgery that was the toughest part, I still get all teary just thinking about it. If we could escape further surgery that would be wonderful. You certainly have got your share of the motherhood worries – but you do have beautiful children! 🙂

    Millie – I’m slightly improved thank you, enough to arrive at the conference today with a small delay. Our communities are so important to us, and the internet has certainly helped us form them, I love that! 🙂

    Katharina – tusinde tak skal du have! Ja, jeg har ikke så meget tid, som jeg havde tidligere, men jeg vil virkelig gerne sy, og det skal der altså være tid til, så nu må vi se, hvad det bliver til. 😉 Sekskanterne er faktisk fra vores bloggertræf, og det er ikke mig, der har gang i dem – nu må vi se, om jeg får lov til at vise mere frem på et tidspunkt.

    Di – the conference today was really interesting, especially an American called Joseph Turow, who told us his view on the coming internet advertising development. Have a great trip to London!

    Ann Marie – I love the internet, and I love working with it professionally as well, I feel, it’s a privilege. Thanks!

    ItsLily – I’m not quite on top, but hopefully it’ll be better tomorrow. I haven’t been to Niagara Falls, but my friend who hosted the blogger meetup has, I believe. Let me know when you come to Denmark – I’d love to meet up! 🙂

  8. savvy stitch says:

    Astrid, I am intrigued by this hexagon project! i love those Liberty prints! What are you going to make? Too bad we don’t live near each other in Denmark–I think it would be fun to get together and sew.

    Have a great week!

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