Lickety Spring

Lemonade on the garden table

I made a Lickety Split bag for spring a while ago as a gift for a special blog-friend. I didn’t show you then, but it’s more than appropriate now, because I think I can say with confidence, that spring is finally here!

These are pictures from yesterday afternoon, when the girls and I enjoyed the sun in the garden. Mads was out with his friend Martin and thousands of other motorcyclists celebrating the annual opening of Bakken Amusement Park – the oldest amusement park in the world. I do believe they enjoyed themselves as well!

Snowdrops and a blue sky

What a great day

Winter aconites

So now that I’ve proved to you that spring is really here – this is the Lickety Split in my dotted spring-version.

Lickety Spring

Lickety Spring

I made it just the same way as usual (previous versions here and here) – followed Rae‘s pattern (update: pattern discontinued), and added sew-in interfacing to give it a touch more body and a magnetic snap. I’m really fond of it, and I think the recipient was as well.

And speaking of Rae – don’t forget that her awesome Spring Top Week is about to begin. Tops can be entered from March 30th, and all the details on how to participate are on her blog. Even if you don’t participate, the amount of inspiration found in the many contributions is amazing – and that will be revealed over on Rae’s blog in the beginning of May.


  1. Jelena says:


    I found your blog by chance and so far I love it!! Very nice bag as well. Just wanted to ask where do you get Amy Butler fabric from. I live in Belgium and can not find it so if you have recommendation please share!!


  2. Astrid says:

    Hi Jelena – sorry I didn’t answer you earlier. And thanks for the compliment! I use a lot for fabrics, and that is typically where I get my Amy Butler fabrics. It does cost a bit to have it shipped to Europe, but compared to the prices here in Denmark it isn’t even that bad. If you keep it to 5 or 6 yards the shipping is very reasonable. Hope this helps – good luck! 🙂

  3. Jelena says:

    hi Astrid
    Thanks for reply. I did look into some US based web shops for her fabric but was wary of possible VAT on our side. I will try it i guess because it is much cheaper. Again, thanks for reply.

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