A Week In Crete

Crete mosaic 1

We got back home from Greece Monday, and we had a very nice time, even though Frida wasn’t feeling too well the first couple of days. She reacted to a vaccination she had received two weeks prior to our trip, and Mads and I just hadn’t thought about it until it was too late (duh…). This meant that she was quite beside herself the first few days – like completely beside herself, which was rather tough.

However, those days passed, and the rest of the time was wonderful. Also, I think Ronja enjoyed pretty much every day there, she spent as much time as possible in the swimming pool, and she was having great fun with two 8-year old girls.

Crete mosaic 2

We did all we could to relax, had delicious Greek dinners served by friendly waiters, went for a few walks to see the area, and took the bus when we wanted to go away a little further. Mads and I sat on the balcony in the evenings, drinking wine, talking, and reading – now how often does something like that happen? We didn’t rent a car this year as we have done previous years, but we did go on a guided one-day excursion to see “the Hidden Crete”, which took us to several beautiful places in the area around Chania.

All in all we had a wonderful time there with warm weather, great food, lots of bathing and relaxation – and then a few of those factors that you should really learn to take into account, especially when you have children. 🙂

Oh, and by the way – Frida is not a good flyer. Has nothing to do with her ears – she’s just really not a ½-a-square-meter-in-4-hours kind of child. Nope. 4 hours…

I promised you a modeled shot from Greece of Ronja wearing her summer fairy dress – and here she is. More pictures from our vacation are found here.



  1. Millie says:

    Such lovely photos as always. You inspire me to try harder with my photography! The dress is beautiful, as are the girls.
    After a couple of days camping recently, my husband and i have concluded that when children have a happpy holiday, everyone does! I’m sorry Frida was unwell, those vaccines can cause lingering reactions, we never think of them either.

  2. CreatureofHabit says:

    Whoa – Crete looks amazing. That shot of the beach is incredible. I’m sorry to hear Frida is not a happy traveler, but it looks like the girls had a wonderful time!

  3. Christina Skarø says:

    Hej Astrid, velkommen hjem.. det ser ud til at I har haft en fantastisk tur..
    Nu bliver jeg altså lige nødt til at kommentere dine billeder.. hvor er du fantastisk til at tage billeder.. de er fyldt med stemning og dybde. Virkelig smukke..

    VH Christina

  4. Astrid says:

    Thank you so much everybody!

    Millie – I couldn’t agree more on your camping conclusion. The key to a great vacation is to make a nice, relaxed vacation for the kids – then everything else will fall into place.

    Christina – tusinde tak – det var søde ord! 🙂

  5. susy pavlov says:

    Que lindas férias voce teve,parabéns!
    Suas filhas sĂŁo lindissimas,que Deus as conserve com esta beleza e com muita saĂşde.
    Adorei as fotos,maravilhosas.

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