At least the bees were busy…

Bumble bee in a lavender  

Today has been kind of a slow and calm day. Mads left early for a meeting in Jutland, and he dropped off Ronja at kindergarten on the way, so I didn’t need to think about that. I was really supposed to host the meeting in my mothers group today, but with Frida still snotty, and me having a sore throat, I didn’t want to risk passing it on to all the babies. So the mothers group for today was moved to Rikke from the group, who lives just around the corner.

The pencil I use for tracing patterns 

While Frida was taking her first nap, I made myself a cup of coffee, and started looking at patterns to possibly make something for Ronja. The morning passed while I traced the pattern, cut the fabric and sat at the sewing machine. What you see above, is the pencil I use for tracing patterns – it just has to be a good karma pencil, don’t you think? Picking it up puts you in a creative and quite cheery mood. It’s actually Ronja’s, but she doesn’t mind my using it – much… Frida got up at one point, and in between her eating and playing on the floor, she was a great help! 😉 And for those of you who spotted it already, the fabric is Sandi Henderson once again – coincidence really, she just makes a lot of beautiful fabrics. I’ll let you know what I have made tomorrow.

Frida was a great help 

Mads got home in the afternoon, and we walked to the kindergarten to pick up Ronja. The weather has been nice and warm, and Frida was sitting in the pram, squinting in the sunlight, and clearly enjoying the walk. Mads had taken Ronja’s bike to the kindergarten when he dropped her off this morning – we sometimes do that because she loves to bike home. It doesn’t happen that often, that we both go there to pick up Ronja, but when it does, she just lights up when she spots us, and it’s a joy to see! So we walked back again, and spent a little time in the garden, where the bees were busy going from flower to flower, and I snapped a few photos.

 Bumble bee in a flower

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