A big hole in the roof!

Today has been a really busy day for Mads. We had the best weather forecast we’ve had for a while, so we decided to hope for the best and make today the day, when Mads would make a biiiiig hole in the roof in order to put the new roof windows in place. Mads has been working all day without breaks, knowing that it would start getting dark early, and he had to be finished before that. I do believe, since this is the first time he tried this, he had quite a bit of adrenaline going.

Meanwhile, Ronja and I went to a farm called “Højgaard” where it’s possible to see scottish highland cattle and pigs. The cattle was rather impressive looking, and Ronja didn’t want to stand too close to them – clever young woman. We couldn’t see the pigs, though. We weren’t allowed to enter the pigsty, and the windows were too muddy to look through, so that was a bit of a disappointment. Ronja kept saying “Where are the pigs?”. Well, well – we will have to find some pigs some other day.

Mads almost finished his work with the windows today. The windows are in place, the roof plates are back, except for a few that need some adjusting. It’s really exciting to see tomorrow how it looks in daylight! I uploaded some new photos here.

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