New job, birthday, and pumpkin man

October 1st I started my new work at VIA Travel. Since then I have been going through a well planned learning program, well aware that I have no knowledge up front about business travel. Now, three weeks later, I know a whole lot more, even though I still have a long way to go. My first time with the company has been very positive, and I’m looking forward to get going on my own – even though, I guess it’ll be a while yet. Everybody has been very kind and forthcoming – not to mention patient! ;o)


Last weekend I celebrated my 31st birthday, starting Saturday night with a girls’ dinner. We had a cosy evening with lots of girl talk and good laughs! I have never had a tradition of doing something special for my birthday, but I think I’ll keep doing the girl dinner-thing – and it’s also a nice opportunity for some great girls to get to know each other. Sunday morning Mads and Ronja woke me up with a birthday song, gifts, and breakfast. Mads got me tickets for the show “Gasolin”, which I’m looking so much forward to seeing. I’ll have to wait until December, but then we’ll make a long evening out of it. The weather was really good (of course), so we spent the day in the garden building the swing set that Ronja got for her birthday. In the evening we went to a small restaurant – nothing fancy, but we had a really nice evening.


Today Ronja and I made a pumpkin man, since Halloween is coming up. We had lots of fun doing it, and I think he even turned out quite handsome! Later, some of our friends came over for coffee, and in the afternoon Ronja and I went to Vallø Castle, just walking in the park, kicking the fallen leaves and talking to the ducks. Great day! Mads of course has been working upstairs – I’ll include more about that next time! ;o)


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