Vejers Strand and a sad occasion

Ronja, Sara and the song book

This week has been busy, and now, Friday night, we are really enjoying the fact that the weekend has finally arrived.

We had a very nice weekend a week ago, though. We went to Vejers Strand near Vesterhavet with Mads’ mother and his family from his father’s side. We spent the weekend with walks by the sea, great food, and great company – and of course the essential game of Trivial Pursuit that makes everybody wonder if he or she should go back to preschool. Ronja brought with her a song book that was very popular during the two days – in the picture Sara is singing to her completely consumed little listener. ;o) More pictures can be found here.

Last Thursday my grandmother died – she was 93 years old, so I guess you could say it shouldn’t be completely unexpected, but nevertheless she was a fantastic person, and everyone who knew her, will miss her terribly. The funeral was Wednesday, and we had a very nice day in spite of the sad occasion.

Now the next big thing is coming up – I only have a week left at IDG, before I start my new job at VIA Travel. But more about that next time.

For those of you who would like to be notified of updates, I have made a sign up-link at the top of the side bar. Feel free to use it. ;o)

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