Christmas 2005 – and on to 2006

December has been a busy month – as usual. We had a nice and cosy Christmas at my Mother’s, and we also had time for a trip to the Tivoli Christmas Market (the picture is showing me and Ronja riding the charming old carousel at the Christmas Market – Ronja couldn’t take her eyes off the lights), a walk in Dyrehaven by the Eremitage Castle and having fun in the snow. Ronja is now walking rather well, and she has had her first sled ride – we had lots and lots of snow between Christmas and New Years.
This year I’m starting to run again (New Years Resolution!) – two or three times a week – as soon as there’s a little less snow. I’m really looking forward to it, since the area we live in will work really well for running routes, and that way, I’ll also get out of the house by myself on a regular basis… ;o)
Right now there’s still a lot of snow outside, and it’s misty and cold. I always thought January was a funny kind of in-between month – it’s still dark, grey, and cold, but it’s missing the Christmas lights and cosiness of December. Like a waiting room for spring and lighter days.

A penny for your thoughts?

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