I received some wonderful fabric earlier this week – some of the designs from Sandi Henderson‘s new line “Farmer’s Market”. And today I could not help myself – while Mads was out cycling, I made a little blouse for Frida. There’s nothing to it – it’s so simple. But you just gotta love it, because of the fabric. It’s such a cheerful, lively and sweet design, and yet so simple.

Apple blouse for Frida 

I serged it together which went really easily, though I must say I find it a bit harder to be accurate when I’m using a serger compared to my beloved sewing macine. The blouse went together quickly, and the only difficult thing about it was that I didn’t have a pattern for it – or actually I did have a pattern, but it was nowhere near Frida’s size. So I used an Onion-pattern for a size 92 and downsized it to something like a 68/74 - taking into consideration that a baby’s proportions are not the same as those of a 2-3 year old. That went well – initially the sleeves were too long, but luckily that’s one of the easy things to fix. I was thinking about adding elastics to the sleeves, but I decided that I like the loose look for a summer blouse, so I’m going with this. If I change my mind, the hems on the sleeves still have room for adding the elastic.

Apple blouse for Frida 

Now that the work is done, another great thing is I can use the pattern I drafted for the similar peasant blouse I wanted to make for Frida’s pants. However, that’s gonna have to wait a bit.

While I was sewing, Ronja was sitting next to me, writing!

Writing her name  

She now only needs a reminder here and there to write her own name, which I think is so cool – and she’s totally doing it for fun, which is even more cool. When I’m sewing, I also allow her to play with the pins – it does get out of hand once in a while, but as long as it doesn’t, we’re just having a really nice time together.

This is the 2nd day of our vacation, and given that maternity leave is not the quickest way to fortune, and since we still need to get away for a while, we’re looking at last minute travel deals. At the moment it looks like we may be going to Greece in a few days – but we’ll see… In the meantime the weather here is marvellous!

Ronja made this little lantern at kindergarten last week, and I love it like that with a lit candle hanging from a tree. It’s really nice when the stuff she brings home from the kindergarten is actually something that you like to use and look at. This is certainly one of those things!

Ronja's lantern 

Sunday we had one of my old friends Fie and her boyfriend Kevin down for a visit. Mads made a wonderful dinner, and to top it off we had picked the ripe strawberries from the garden – or Mads had, that is, while Ronja and I went to pick up Fie and Kevin at the station in Køge. He actually picked an entire bowl full of strawberries from our tiny strawberry bed – and there are many to come. So we had strawberries with cream. And milk too, just to freshen the cream a bit. The strawberries are fantastic this year, they are not very big and they taste so sweet!


Yesterday, I went to visit my workplace and say hi to my colleagues. It’s in the centre of Copenhagen, and getting Frida and myself ready to go, packing the pram and all the babystuff, food for her and what ever else we need, makes it quite a hike to go there. We did have a really nice time there, and it was nice to see everybody. However, it takes 45 minutes each way by car, and yesterday it took a bit longer because there had been an accident on the motorway when we were going home, so the short visit basically took most of the day. I picked up Ronja on the way home, and a bit later Rikke from my mothers group came by to borrow the computer and have a chat and a cup of tea! They’re having a problem with their internet, so to make sure she doesn’t drop out of the internet society completely, I’m happy to have her use mine! :)

Last night Ronja slept terribly, and complained about having a very sore throat. I have it too, so I know what she’s talking about. I wanted to keep her home from kindergarten today, but when she got up, she said her throat wasn’t sore anymore, and she really wanted to go. And because it actually seemed to be true, I finally gave in. Frida has a cold and is dreadfully snotty. We should have been to psalm singing for mothers and babies at Køge Church today for the first time – I have had it recommended, and I thought I’d give it a go. But with Frida the way she is, we’ll have to wait till next week. (Sorry – the links are in Danish. To have the psalm singing elaborated a bit, go to the comments and see my answer to Sarah.)

Ronja was blowing soap bubbles earlier in the garden. She likes it when there are many, and she can follow them to see where they go. I loved the expressions that went over her face, so even though I was weeding the garden, I went inside to get my camera.

Blowing soap bubbles - mosaic 

Earlier in the day we had all spent some time at Ronja’s kindergarten. They had arranged this afternoon when all the parents were invited to give a hand in restoring the playground. The playhouses needed some fixing and paint, and the bikes also needed a bit of maintenance. Not that many people had signed up beforehand, so it was a wonderful surprise to find the kindergarten packed with happy parents and children throughout the afternoon. Everyone was working and socializing and it was a great success! ;)

Ready - set - eat! 

Our first strawberries are ripe – early this year, due to the very warm and sunny weather we’re having. Mmmmmm, can’t wait until we’re having strawberries and cream for dessert!

Finally, Mads finished white washing the house tonight. Completely! But I’ll have to tell you more about that tomorrow, because it is sooooo past my bedtime. XOXO!  :)

So! Yesterday was the day when Ronja started to write!

It began at lunch when Ronja was looking at the different wrappings on the table and suddenly going: “That’s the same letter as in my name”. I was impressed and asked her if she knew what the letter was called, and to my great surprise, she did! So we went on finding the letters for her name on all the different wrappings and cartons on the table. Lots of fun!
Then at dinner, we had a bottle of wine on the table (after all it was Saturday), and she went on to do the same thing finding the letters for her name. When we had finished our dinner, we were talking about it, and Ronja wanted to try writing something. Mads and I showed her how to write our names, and she just did! I was amazed – what a proud mom! Here are the results: (“mor” = mom and “far” = dad).

Today Ronja started writing

She has a funny technique which I think kind of shows an overview. When she doesn’t really know where to start with a letter, she turns it into a dot-to-dot drawing by marking the dots first, and then connecting them. You see this very clearly in the ‘M’ for MOR. Very appropriate in this “Connecting the dots”-blog.

I have taken a walk in the garden, armed with my camera. Inspired by many other blogs at the moment, I wanted to show you what is “going on” in our garden at the moment. I ended up taking so many pictures, that it turned into a garden mosaic. So here you are – isn’t a garden a wonderful place?

The garden right now

Starting from the middle and continuing from the top, left to right, this is: 1. Blue cornflower, 2. Giant poppy, 3. Lilac, 4. Frida’s Katsura tree, 5. Globe-flower, 6. Red tulip, 7. Apple flower on the old apple tree, 8. Rhubarb, 9. Strawberry flowers, 10. Dandelion, 11. A snail found it’s way to one of the new apple trees, 12. Peony, 13. Pink tulips
Mind you, I didn’t forget the dandelions – we have more than plenty! :)

Finally, I promised you a modeled pic of the “China grass” dress, so here it is.

Winter in the garden


No, you’re right – the picture is almost cheating. We’ve had one day like that this past Saturday, and I just had to post a real winter picture. The rest of January has been all about beating records on high temperatures and rain. Saturday we got out the sled, and Sunday the snow was gone, leaving the sled a sad sight, the way it stood there in the rainy yard, filled with water.

As opposed to December when we took a break from working on the 2nd floor, Mads has been making some great progress upstairs these past weeks, finishing the insulation and mounting the first layer of wallboards – the last part with much appreciated help from our friend Martin.

It now looks like a room, the insulation keeps the place fairly warm, even though it’s not heated yet – and it’s definitely getting easier to see the end of it. We have a long way to go before it’s finished, but it’s a great feeling to be this far ahead in the process. As always, pictures can be seen here

Mads and Martin are mounting the wallboards

Ronja is getting so big – you’ll find a video of her singing “Bro Bro Brille” here. Have patience – it takes a few minutes for it to load, and the quality is not that great – however, the important thing is what’s on it.