Ronja’s 11th Birthday

Is it ok to turn a bit nostalgic, when you just spent the weekend celebrating your oldest daughter’s 11th birthday – and all of a sudden she seems so grown up? Well, I did.

That tiny girl. And she’s eleven.

She didn’t want us to plan much for her birthday – as long as she got to invite her class, play music in the garden, and have a bonfire going. No treasure hunt and goodie bags. Just hot dogs, sodas, chips, and cup cakes. Then they could provide the rest of the party – and so they did.

Big girl.

Today we celebrated with the family – in our traditional manner. Not everything changes. ūüėČ



Girly Messenger Bag

My old messenger bag was worn down. Literally. I’ve been carrying it everywhere and especially during this summer vacation, it started to fall apart. At the end, there were holes in it. When I threw it in the garbage upon our returning home, I immediately decided I needed a new one.

I have been so fond of it, I wanted to use the exact same pattern by Larissa from mmmcrafts, but at the same time, I wanted it to feel new, so I started going through my closet for fabrics. I quickly decided on the white fabric with the flowers for the front flap and back pocket – the gingham lining, and the accenting liberty followed quickly after. I couldn’t figure out what to use for the main fabric until I came across some of the fabric that I used for the cushion covers in our old boat. So that was it. For the last ones I used sew-in interfacing, but that wasn’t necessary for this one, due to the heavy weight of most of the fabric. I used light interfacing for the front flap, and a heavier sew-in interfacing for the inner pocket, but that was all.

As with the old one, I widened the strap a bit, because I like that. I also used two of my fabrics for it, sewed right sides together, turned the tube, and edge stitched at both sides.


To make the bag with bias tape around the front flap instead of the method Larissa uses, you just need to cut the flap without seam allowance, baste your front flap layers together (wrong sides together) near the edge, and add your bias tape. Other than that, just follow the tutorial, and that’ll do it.

This is my third version of Larissas messenger bag (also made this one for my mother), and I really like how it turned out. It’s girly and fresh – actually more girly than the things I usually make for myself, but I think it works well with the sturdy sand coloured furniture fabric.

I actually didn’t have enough of the liberty fabric to cut it on the bias for the bias tape, so I cut it straight. It does work, and you can work with it to go around the corners, but it would work better if it had been cut on the bias.

Now – go make your own version – you will love it!

Goodbye to Anna – Hello to the Newbie

We sold our beautiful sailboat.

Just this past weekend, she found new owners after being part of our family for the past 5 years. It was our choice, of course, because we found another boat that gives us a bit more space, and the luxurious addition of an aft cabin. All good. But the emotions of selling Anna, our beautiful Shipman 28, still caught us a bit by surprise.


When we first bought Anna, sailing was fairly new to us. None of us had done any sailing recently, but Mads and I¬†both love the sea, and we felt like we were spending too much money paying for charter holidays¬†and not getting quite the value that we thought we should. We started to talk about sailing after a summer vacation, and quickly began looking at boats. That’s how we found Anna. This picture is from our very first short trip – Ronja wasn’t there for some reason, and Frida was just barely 2 years old.


Since then, our summer vacations have been spent on Anna. Come rain or come shine – mostly rain during the first two years, but especially the past two years we have had such beautiful weather, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere but on a boat.

A week ago, we made a website for the purpose of selling the boat, and going through the pictures was a bit emotional to both of us. I wanted to include all of them here, but I tried to just choose a small selection.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The new owners signed the papers on Saturday, three days after we put her up for sale. It was great to have everything in order so quickly, because that way we can focus our time and energy on the new boat, a wonderful Granada 32. We will be looking forward to meeting our old boat at sea, and we hope the new owners will take great care of her. Buying Anna is definitely one of the best decisions we have made, and looking back at the memories she brought us is a treat.

Now, hopefully we will get to build that same kind of familiarity with our new sailboat.

Big Decision – Big Dream

This week, Mads and I made a huge decision for our family – we booked flight tickets for Christmas. And if that doesn’t sound huge to you, it’s probably because you haven’t seen the spreadsheet, we have had going, or had to ask for the 6 weeks off from your job.

We're planning on doing something totally different for Christmas this year, and this evening it inspired the game 'find the country'. Love to have the map in place! #worldmap #world #travel #countries #sisters

This Christmas we will not have the traditional Danish Christmas that I personally had E.V.E.R.Y single Christmas of my life. Never missed one. Love it too.

But that’s only because we’re doing something awesome! We’re taking the girls to the other side of the univ… Nahhh, ok – the other side of the planet¬†at least. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to go to New Zealand, and Mads is with me on that one, so we decided to pull out 6 weeks of Christmas and everyday life, and go.

You know, that totally different thing we're doing for Christmas? Booked. #awesome #soexcited #worldtravel #theotherside #nzherewecome #fijitoo #cantwait

New Zealand

The plan is, we’re flying out to Auckland, spending a few days there and then moving in to an autocamper, which will be our home for four weeks, while we drive around the beautiful northern and southern islands of New Zealand. That’s the frame of it all, and¬†the ingredients that we hope to add include a lot of nature experiences, a wonderful adventure¬†for¬†the girls, and the luxury of spending time together as a family that reaches beyond school vacations, weekends etc. After our NZ adventure, we will fly out from Christchurch to Oarsman’s Bay Lodge in Fiji for a week of relaxation, before we head back home. Back to work and school.

It is amazing and we feel so fortunate! I cannot believe we’re actually going, and for me, it will be a dream come true.

I know I haven’t been saying much lately, but I had to share this. And I will be sharing from our travel too, that’s for sure. Right now I just love the fact that I’m already looking forward to our summer vacation on the boat, and now I know that during our summer vacation, I will have this to look forward to as well. If you know of books, web sites or anything else that I should read cover to cover, let me know. Or, if any of you guys are from New Zealand and feel like having a bunch of Danish visitors for tea to share advice on places to go, let me know.

Cant wait!

Storytel – Tells You Stories

mist, fog, trees, morning, storytel

I know, that among blog readers, I¬†should come across¬†many¬†true readers. You guys visit libraries and book stores, and you curl up on the couch under a knitted¬†blanket with a cup of tea – as you passionately consume your next novel. That is, if you’re not knitting. But some of you are bound to¬†be more like me.

When I was young (like¬†wayyy back…), I used to read that way too. For years now, I have found it too hard to concentrate – I have found that there are too many things to do, and too many hobbies¬†to nourish. Always stuff going on in my head,¬†that prevent me from¬†clearing the way and¬†focusing on¬†reading. Last summer vacation when we were sailing in Sweden, I almost read a real, physical novel. Almost.

I finished it on Storytel, and that’s why I feel like sharing – the same way I would, if I had just started running, and succeeded with it – after wanting to for years.

I started reading.

I spend 2-3 hours a day in my car, going back and forth to work, and thanks to Storytel (no affiliation, pure enthusiasm), that time is now mostly spent reading novels. The dreadful traffic becomes less important, and I look forward to the drive on the motorway much more than before. Audio reading still takes getting used to, and it still requires your focus and ability to shut out random thoughts, which I think is valuable practice. I relax more driving, and sometimes when I reach the house, I even stay in the car for two more minutes to finish a chapter. This is a rediscovered world to me.

I started using the audiobook app, Storytel, when it first came out about a year ago, and to be honest it was far from perfect. However, they updated the app not too long ago, and now in terms of functionality and design, I like it a  lot. New books are added to the app quickly, different lists give you ideas of what to read, their Facebook page offer inspiration, and I pretty much have the options that I need. I do have a few ideas for development (like an enclosed overview of characters and places for those of us with poor memory), and I have quickly become self-proclaimed expert of audiobook narrators. Also, imagine Spotify and Storytel merged into one service Рthat would be awesome!

I am in Denmark, and the version of Storytel I am using is Danish with literature in Danish and English. However, I have noticed that it seems they are expanding to more countries, so check out to see if they have an offer for you as well. (Still, no affiliation Рjust a great service.)

If you are anything like me when it comes to reading – try it out.

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